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Dr. Karsten Wildberger

​​​​​​​CEO MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group

Dr. Karsten Wildberger, 51, holds a doctorate in physics and, as a partner at the Boston Consulting Group, advised companies in various industries on strategy and digitization issues. After working as a management consultant, Dr. Wildberger held international management positions at T-Mobile, Vodafone and Telstra. At Telstra, an Australian telecommunications company with around 400 stores, he was the board member responsible for the entire retail and service organization, product development and digital transformation. Dr. Karsten Wildberger was most recently a member of the Board of Management of E.ON SE, where he was in charge of Sales, the growth area "Decentralized Energy Infrastructure," Energy Procurement, Electromobility, Marketing, Digital Transformation and IT.