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Pioneer of digitalization


The MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group is a pioneer in the digitalization of retail and stands for innovation in all areas: its products and services, its in-store systems, and its business models.

Product innovations 

The world of technology is changing rapidly, and new products are constantly coming onto the market that surpass their predecessor models. Regardless of whether it's a kitchen appliance, smartphone, notebook or drone - the brands of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group are the first port of call for customers when it comes to new products. A specialized team in our purchasing department is constantly on the lookout for the "next big thing". We currently find product innovations in the health & wellness, smart home, mobility, air conditioning, solar and other categories particularly exciting. Do you have such an innovation? Then you are welcome to contact us!

Service innovations 

Because consumer electronics have gone from luxury to "necessity" in the digital world, we provide comprehensive services to ensure that customers can use their products without complications, that they are delivered quickly and, if necessary, financed and immediately repaired. In our stores, our technicians therefore also support our customers directly on site, for example when it comes to the immediate repair of defective smartphones, tablets and notebooks or the installation of new devices. And for home use, Deutsche Technikberatung is our partner. It takes care of setting up the devices and explains how to use them best.

In-store innovations

In order to integrate physical and digital shopping in the best possible way, we are constantly working on new innovations and bringing them to our stores. Smartphone navigation systems for our stores, apps that provide more comprehensive, faster and simpler sales advice, and intelligent systems that analyze sales patterns - the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group is already testing today what will change the retail industry tomorrow. 

Ground-breaking business models

To complement our existing business models and open up new ones, we’re a partner of Plug and Play. This digital innovation platform supports tech startups throughout the retail value chain in order to facilitate collaborations and partnerships. Its main aim is to jointly implement pilot projects for the future of retail.

In search of innovative startups

The MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group stands for innovation in all areas: In its products and services, the equipment of its stores and its business models. In its search for new ideas, the company also cooperates with start-up companies. Two competitions are currently being held to find new partners for the joint implementation of pilot projects for the retail of the future.  

MediaMarktSaturn kontrolliert Hygienekonzept mit Hygiene App Covid-19

In Zeiten wie diesen steht beim Einkaufen vor allem eins im Vordergrund: Kunden und Mitarbeiter optimal zu schützen. Damit das von MediaMarktSaturn definierte Hygienekonzept zu jeder Zeit konsequent eingehalten wird, starten alle rund 430 Elektronikmärkte in Deutschland nun mit der Hygiene App Covid-19. Damit können die definierten Maßnahmen in Echtzeit kontrolliert werden. Experten des TÜV SÜD haben dieses System des digitalen Hygienemanagements mit entwickelt.

MediaMarktSaturn wins reta award for pilot project in category management with the startup CB4

For the first time, MediaMarktSaturn successfully used artificial intelligence in a pilot project to optimize the category management of its stores. The joint project with the AI start-up CB4 was a complete success and also convinced the jury of the Retail Technology Award (reta) of the EHI Retail Institute. For the successful test, which was conducted at 67 Spanish Media Markt stores between April and September 2019, MediaMarktSaturn received its fourth reta Award in the category Best Enterprise Solution in Düsseldorf. 

Smarte Türsteher für sicheres Einkaufen - MediaMarkt und Saturn steuern Kundenanzahl digital

Maskenpflicht, Sicherheitsabstände, Spuckschutzvorrichtungen und Desinfektionsmittel: Jeder kennt die Sicherheitsmaßnahmen in Zeiten des Coronavirus. Aber wie behält man den Überblick über die Anzahl der Kunden in Märkten, die mehrere Tausend Quadratmeter groß sind? Die Antwort lautet – wie so oft bei MediaMarktSaturn: mit digitalen Lösungen!

Ten startups battled for a listing at MediaMarktSaturn

70 participants, 329 votes from the audience and 10 innovative start-ups fighting for a place for their product in the online stores of MediaMarkt and Saturn - this was the first Virtual Product Pitch Fight hosted by MediaMarktSaturn on October 6. At the online event, startups from all over the world were able to present their product and compete for the audience's favor in a direct word duel with another product startup. In the end, a winner was determined.